Robby Blanchard Commission Hero 2020; Is it worth it? Honest Review

commission hero review

You are about to read the most honest Commission Hero review online. I suggest you seat tight as we jump right in. But before we start, If you are a total newbie in affiliate marketing and have never tried any technique online with Clickbank. This is an infographic image to give you a basic idea.

commission hero review
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After a very successful launch in 2019, Robby Blanchard is out with another Commission Hero launch and this time we are looking forward to a far more awesome product.

If you want to be sure you are making the right decision, then you have come to the right place.

Let’s break this down, first off…

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Yea! Who the hell is this dude launching Commission Hero.

Robby Blanchard is a Clickbank Affiliate marketer (Self proclaimed number 1 Affiliate Marketer, everyone is number 1 these days 🤨 ) who has been running his business successfully for over 5 years.

The former gym owner has made millions of dollars online through affiliate marketing and he is kind of a big deal in the internet marketing space. Bruce Buffer once announced him like a wrestler and I felt oh okay this dude gotta be it.

Plus, He has also won 2 Comma Club awards for earning over $1million from Commission Hero in 2019.

What is Commission Hero?

Commission hero is a video based digital platform that contains Clickbank affiliate marketing tutorials with a proven 3 step method which are:

Running Facebook ads
Setting up a landing page
Directing the traffic to high converting ClickBank offers.

It has a proven track record with over 2,400 students, many of who have success stories and testimonials.

commission hero

What will I learn from Commission Hero?

In addition to discovering an entirely different, nearly done-for-you approach to making money online from the comfort of your own home through the Commission Hero Webinar on the platform

You will also get;

  • Done-for-you landing pages, practically a copy-and-paste system you can plug and play.
  • Robby Blanchard’s MILLION Dollar Swipe file of ads that have made him tons of money.
  • Complete Facebook Ads training to turn you from a Facebook newbie to a Facebook ads pro.
  • Finally be able to say SCREW IT to the 9-to-5 and have TRUE freedom – financially and emotionally.

He also has a secret group where you can ask pretty much any question and be guided all the way till you make your first affiliate commission.

commission hero review

Commission Hero results and Success Stories

I personally think images of results can always be altered with a good skill in Photoshop, so I prefer video proof. The last launch was a huge success with lots of real-life people sharing their testimonies. Here are a few of them.

commission hero

Is commission Hero Legit?

As far as I know Commission Hero seems to be legit. I mean, we all know if it was a scam of any kind, Robby would not have the balls to launch this product again as there will be millions of negative reviews from us and buyers all over the world. Plus it will burn his image as an authority in this business.

Is Commission Hero free download?

Nope it costs some money to get access to the information. He has a free webinar but that only touches the surface and introduces you to the main package.

How much is Commission Hero?

The commission hero costs $997 for a one time payment and you should expect at least 2 upsells, one costs $797 and the other $497.
Also, it might be wise to keep extra bucks aside for Facebook ads campaign, landing page and sales funnel by Clickfunnels because that is literally what this product is centered on.

commission hero


Are there any hidden costs after purchasing Commission Hero?

Not quite. Here’s the deal.

So let’s say you purchase the $997 and probably don’t get upsells. You will require an extra $1000 or in the least $10 to $20 daily which translates to about $300 to $600 monthly spend on ads. Excluding $97 per month for Clickfunnels Landing page and sales funnel.

Plus the policy states you need to keep working on this for 12 months before you can conclude that it does not work and request a refund. That means your budget should be around;

$3600 to $7200 for Facebook ads campaign
$1,164 for Clickfunnels

Now if everything works out as planned and you successfully make $1000 a day as promised. You will earn enough to cover every single expense and even more.

Is this possible? I mean come on, look at those testimonials. 😎

Will Commission Hero Method last?

Most likely. My only fear is when Facebook probably decides to change some of their policy (which they always do) which may affect this Commission Hero 3 step system. People might lose lots of money in the process.

My advice, get on the train NOW while it still works but be open to try other traffic sources as a backup strategy.

Commission Hero vs Savage Affiliates

Personally, I think Commission hero is an amazing product but when compared to Savage Affiliates. I might pick Savage Affiliates over Commission Hero mainly because it costs less and also because I am a bit cheap 🤑.

With Savage Affiliates you have quite a number of options for traffic not mainly Facebook like Commission hero. And Savage Affiliates is really easy to understand and the best place for a total newbie.

The results may vary between both products. But I think Commission hero strikes the big numbers way faster when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing and that is because of the paid advertising method on Facebook.

commission hero


Commission Hero Upsells

Like I said before, Commission hero 2020 has 2 upsells. One costs $797 and the other is $497. If you are to purchase all three (that includes the front end) we are looking at a total of $2,291.

Commission Hero refund policy

Refund policy is stated as such: The goal of Commission Hero™ is to create a long term business by using the power of affiliate marketing. Go through the course for a full 365 days from the date of purchase, at the end of the 365 days from the date of purchase, you may submit a request to qualify for a refund up until day 372 from the date of purchase when refund qualifications expire indefinitely. Refund requests after this 7-day window will not be honored or considered.

How to qualify for Refund:
1. Submit within the 7-day window
2. Call 504-475-2192 to request cancellation
3. Submit proof or screenshots that you went through the entire course and completed all unit videos in the Facebook group and the course, posted questions in Facebook, and set up a Facebook Ad Campaign.

In conclusion of this Commission Hero review – Is It Worth It?

If you are an absolute newbie and have no single idea about this whole business of Affiliate marketing or haven’t tested any method before. I honestly advise against getting this product. I am not telling you this because I think Commission Hero will not work for you but mainly because of the steep cost. You are looking at over $2000 in investment and you don’t want to plunge in without first testing the waters. But if you are willing to take the risk and you are ready to start making over $1000 daily. Then get this product and be done with it.

Robby Blanchard is a guru in affiliate marketing, he knows the business and his 3 step system (Facebook ad – Landing Page – High converting offer) is something you can figure out on your own by watching a ton of YouTube videos.

But let’s face it, will it be worth all that time and effort making mistakes when you could simply get mentored?
If you feel throwing some spaghetti on the wall and hoping one sticks would work for you, by all means do what suits you best. But if you are serious about affiliate marketing, then I suggest you hit the button below to get commission hero before it is pulled down in April 2020. It only stays online for a limited time.

commission hero


Do I get bonuses when I order commission hero?

Hell yea you do. In addition to all the bonuses you get from Robby when you get access to the platform. I will send download link to these awesome bonuses I have compiled for you ONLY If you hit the GET INSTANT ACCESS button and place an order. But this is for a limited time only.


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This is what no one is looking at. Remember Facebook owns Instagram and it only makes sense if you compliment Commission hero with this amazing Instagram bonus which include:

commission hero

commission hero review


Will Commission Hero Close anytime soon?

Yes, I am afraid so. The launch begins on the 23rd of March 2020 and ends on the 8th of April 2020. So get on while you still can.


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