Complete Review of AppPresser App Builder

Complete Review of AppPresser App Builder

What makes AppPresser so appealing to possible users?

As an example, you have created your website through WordPress- or are considering doing so- and have realized just how common mobile device usage has become with regards to web traffic.

Although after conducting a website analysis and learning that your business’s website may be mobile compatible and responsive, your communication with customers could improve substantially by creating your own mobile application.

Of course, many things must be taken into consideration before beginning this process, especially taking into account how scary the idea may seem if you do not consider yourself to be particularly tech-savvy.

In this precise situation, AppPresser has the solution for you. It allows you to create portable applications by means of your own WordPress site, without requiring any previous mobile app developing experience.

Now, let’s learn a bit more about AppPresser!


What is AppPresser?


As introduced, AppPresser is a mobile app creator that specializes in WordPress integration.

In essence, this tool allows users to build a native mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms, all the while using their own WordPress sites.

One of the main advantages when using AppPresser is the fact that the user does not have to separately manage the web page and the mobile app, but instead can do so cohesively.

In addition, the plugins that you have chosen to use with WordPress will also function with AppPresser.

Furthermore, the style of customization used on AppPresser is extremely similar to that of a WordPress site builder, making the experience all the more simple for users.

Another huge advantage when using AppPresser is the fact that users can choose which content from WordPress they want to use and exactly how they wish to modify it.

Moreover, you needn’t worry that this software will alter your normal web page- it will only make changes on the app itself.

The kinds of people making use of AppPresser are extremely varied- people who are interested in building mobile apps for their own companies in addition to agencies creating apps for others.

As is obvious, AppPresser can be used to give all kinds of business entities a boost.


Features of AppPresser

  • Its customizer is very much alike WordPress’s one
  • Live App Preview
  • Device testing
  • Push notifications

A particular advantage if you’re a WordPress user creating an app through AppPresser, is that its customization is set up akin to that of the WordPress theme customizer. Accordingly, this makes the process all the more simple.

When building the application, AppPresser allows the user to see how it will look on an internet browser. Once you finish the app-building process you can then go ahead with the device testing (although, only Android testing currently).

Additionally, this app-creator includes a push notification set up, meaning that the people that use your app may receive your helpful push notifications.

1. Additional Extensions

  • AppCommerce: Works perfectly with WordPress’s e-commerce plugin, WooCommerce.
  • AppCommunity: Allows users to build a social mobile app by means of integration with the BuddyPress plugin.
  • AppCamera: Allows users to take pictures that are immediately uploaded to the WordPress website and may be shown on the app.
  • AppGeolocation: Provides users with the possibility of sharing their location within the app and using a map function.
  • AppPush: Gives users the opportunity to try out the push notifications from the website through to the app.
  • App LMS (LearnDash): This allows the user to incorporate courses, lessons, quizzes, and other topics into the app.

2. Pricing

When making use of AppPresser, you choose which of the pricing plans you are willing to purchase. At the moment, there are three on offer:

AppPresser Pricing

If you prefer to be charged annually, you will receive an impressive discount, as the Standard Plan would then cost $59 per month.

With each plan, the application downloads are unlimited, in addition, they each include a free 30-minute setup call.

If you decide to go with the cheapest Standard Plan, you will have the option to use most of the core features, but you will be required to pay $199 for submitting your application to an app store platform.

When paying for the plan annually, this sum wavers. Nevertheless, the number of people who may subscribe for push notifications is only 10000.

The Plus features are unlocked with the Professional Plan. Included in these features is the possibility of adding an unlimited number of team members who may access the app and segment your push notifications.

With the Professional Plan, the number of people who may subscribe for push notifications raises to 100000.

When using the most expensive plan, the Advanced Plan, you are able to create two apps and provide users with in-app purchases of digital items, like memberships.

The Advanced Plan also allows users to enjoy the Apple/Google login feature, letting them log in to your app via their Apple or Google account.

In this case, when opting for the Advanced Plan, the number of push notifications is increased to 1 million.


Getting Started with AppPresser

1. Set Up

After selecting the correct AppPresser plan for your business, you can log into your account at

Next, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Before you are able to start setting up your dashboard, you must complete your WordPress setup.

The next step to take is to access your WordPress site, select Plugins-> Add New and search for AppPresser. Once you have installed and activated this core plugin, you must also install the JWT Authentication plugin. Lastly, you must access your AppPresser account, download, and add the AP3 Ion Theme.

After building your first app and deciding what actions and options you wish to offer your users, you may install additional plugins. These will be explained as follows.

2. Build Your First App

It is important to point out at this point that this guide is based on the AppPresser version 4, therefore, some steps may have been changed.

You must select the option Create New App on your AppPresser dashboard.

The next step to take is to choose the title for your app. Then, you are given the opportunity to change your header or footer’s color and text.

You will then ensure the two plugins are in place and the theme installed, by checking the Install AppPresser plugins/theme section.

In the Configurate section, you will be able to select some app preferences, as well as choose what type of footer you desire.

The next choice to make is your WordPress website URL, in the relevant section.

The Template section will show you all of the possible templates to choose from.

Finally, by selecting Create App and navigating to the app dashboard, you will then be able to organize additional settings.

Bear in mind it may take up to 5 minutes for the app to be ready. Once it has been set up, you may navigate to the App Customizer where you will be able to carry on editing your app.


To Sum Up

If what you’re looking for is to expand your business, the best way to do so may just be to create a mobile app. This will provide for a better user experience, in addition to promoting your brand.

AppPresser will help you every step of the way, making the daunting task of building an app a much easier process to understand.

Its degree of coordination with WordPress, as well as its similar customizer, presents an incredible advantage for a WordPress user.

AppPresser can be used by many different organizations searching for different outcomes for their users, such as e-commerce and online learning.

In accordance with that, it provides a wide range of possible features, including push notifications, lessons, and quizzes, as well as an important social component.

In view of your needs, you can select one of the three paid plans, each opening up an alternate level of features.

After you have chosen a plan, setting up AppPresser is an extremely clear process, besides the fact that there are also a large number of guides and videos available.

With this post, it is our hope that you as a user have understood just how helpful AppPresser can be, and may even begin using it for the creation of your mobile apps.


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