Complete Review of Lumen5

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Lumen5 is a video creating platform that was designed for businesses and brands to make video content for their social media platforms and engage their audience.

In this complete review of Lumen5, we’ll go through basic information about the platform and its subscription plans, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to use it and start creating video content in no time.


What Is Lumen5?

Lumen5 is a video creation and editing tool driven by AI and Machine Learning. This platform can easily turn your blog posts into a video. It helps you and your team to create engaging social media content in just a few minutes. Lumen5, works with creatives, brands, and organizations to produce highly-engaging and quality videos for almost any subject you’ll look for. 


Complete Review of Lumen5
Source: Lumen5


Keep in mind that the Lumen5 platform is very simple to use if you’re already familiar with other similar formats of editing dashboards and such. But if not, do not worry because Lumen5 is so easy to learn and use thanks to its intuitive interface. So give it a few minutes to get to know the platform, try out how it actually works and you’re good to go and start creating your own videos.


Who Is Lumen5 For?

Lumen5 is a platform for anyone who wants to create video content for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Or, those who simply want a quick, and nice video creator for their content in order to improve website traffic, rank, and engagement.

It is especially beneficial for businesses and brands who want to get serious with their content marketing, particularly with video content. Lumen5’s technology enables marketing teams to create video content with a focus on the story and narrative without doing the heavy lifting of actual video making.


What Features Does Lumen5 Have?

1. AI-powered 

The main thing that sets Lumen5 from other video editing software apart is its machine learning technology. Above the typical features and tools of video editing software such as editor, templates, and media library, Lumen5 has incorporated artificial intelligence into its features. Thanks to Lumen5’s innovative technology you can create videos at scale. The A.I. makes it so easy to start creating any video as it transforms blog posts and articles into video content. This can be particularly helpful for someone who wants to create a great video but doesn’t have that much time. Lumen5 will automatically turn your content into an engaging video. 

The assistance of A.I. helps you create videos in a matter of minutes. Based on the amount of text in each segment, the Lumen5 will determine the length of each segment. Moreover, the system will position the text based on the composition of used media assets. To ease the readability, machine learning is applied to natural language processing, and it’s highlighting keywords in sentences. 


2. Media Library

To bring any of your ideas to life, you need media of the highest quality possible. Lumen5 has a media library with over 330 million media assets. This collection is full of copyright-free images, audio, and videos.

The media library is so easy to search through with millions of free media files, and the best quality ones are available through paid plans only. If you are unable to find any suitable media for your video or need to incorporate logos, watermarks, or call-to-action, you can simply upload your media assets and use them for the video. So, you’ll find any media assets needed as well as store them in one place.

For those of you who need some inspiration to create the video, the template library for any occasion to help you get started. It was never so easy to create a video thanks to countless professional video clips, audio tracks for the background music of any genre and mood, and images and photos that help you tell your story.


3. Customization

Lumen5 is highly customizable and so you can tell your story with the video in a unique way. It has tools like image panning animation, scene layout, and other custom options, so there’s really no one video like the other. As already mentioned, you can add a logo and watermark to make your video match the feel and look of your brand. Moreover, you can choose and change the colors or enter your own hex code for perfect color match, adjust fonts from Lumen5’s collection or upload your own custom font as well. 


4. Video Formats

With Lumen5 you can create videos that are up to 5 minutes long. Having full control over video quality and file size, you are able to choose to have videos in 480p, 720p, or 1080p resolution.

Lumen5 offers you an aspect ratio for videos in standard 16:9 landscape format, 1:1 square format, and 9:16 vertical format for specialized platforms such as Instagram.

Additionally, you can enhance your video with the letterbox format. This is a format that has been popularized through viral meme videos.


5. Download & Share

Videos made in Lumen5 are very easy to download and share. The built-in personal video channel allows you to quickly share videos with your colleagues, audience, or friends. You can also post a video directly on Facebook or just download it and upload it wherever you want. 



Other Features

  • Drag & Drop
  • Voice-Over
  • Collaboration
  • Social Sharing
  • Text Overlay
  • Animation
  • Speed Adjustments


How does Lumen5 work?

When you start creating a video with Lumen5, you will be brought to the page shown below where you can choose from what content you’ll be creating that video. You can either use a blog post, script or upload your media. 


Complete Review of Lumen5
Source: Click2View


Of course, you can skip this step and create your video from scratch, choosing just the video format. Lumen5 has video formats to choose from according to social media platforms.


Complete Review of Lumen5
Source: Click2View


Once you choose your format, you’ll be brought to another page where you can choose a theme. You can decide between the theme designs of the new year or scroll down to explore themes from the previous year.


Complete Review of Lumen5
Source: Click2View


Now it’s time to actually get creative! On the left side, you get instructions if you are creating your first video. They are very helpful and in no time you’ll be a professional on this platform. On the right side, you have a preview of the video. There you can just simply click on a text to customize it. You can change text’s size, its position, write a subtitle, or highlight the keywords. 

There is also the ability to change the layout of a video. To choose the layout you want to use, you just have to click on it. One of the layout options is Call to Action format, which can be used if you want to direct your audience over to your website from a social platform.


Complete Review of Lumen5
Source: Click2View


At the Media library, you can pick short videos or images by simply searching the keyword and choose the media asset that is the most suitable for the desired outcome of your video.


Complete Review of Lumen5
Source: Click2View


The Music tab allows you to search through free audio tracks according to the mood you want and can be previewed before selected.


Complete Review of Lumen5
Source: Click2View


At this point, if you decide you want to change something about the video style you have chosen earlier, you can always go back and change it in the Style tab. There is the ability to change font and color within the title, subtitle, and background style.


Complete Review of Lumen5
Source: Click2View


When you’re happy with the outcome, you just click on the Publish button and there you have your video. So easy!


How Much Is Lumen5?

Lumen5, like many other video creating tools, offers a plan that is totally for free. However, the user can make only 3 videos per month with the 720p video resolution. On the other hand, even a free plan contains a Lumen5 watermark. This plan is most suitable for casual video enthusiasts or someone who doesn’t need more than 3 videos each month for their content creation.

When it comes to paid plans, therefore more features, and a wide media library, Lumen5 has 4 plans – Starter, Premium, Business, and Enterprise. For each of those plans, you can pay the bill on a monthly or yearly basis. Of course, the yearly bill will be cheaper per month than the monthly one. Keep that in mind.


Complete Review of Lumen5 - Plans
Source: Lumen5


The most popular choice of the plans is Business. This plan is great for brands whose focus is on reach and growth. It costs $149 per month when billed yearly. Additionally to the basic features, Business will give you 20 videos per month, upload watermark and font, 200M of photos and videos in the media library, and multiple brand profiles. 

Here is an overview of what is included in each plan. If you’re not sure which plan would be the best for you, start with the Community one that is for free, and find out what your needs are to pick the most suitable plans.


Complete Review of Lumen5 - Plans

Complete Review of Lumen5 - Plans
Source: Lumen5


All the plans come with Help center access and Chat support, so any problem you might experience can be solved easily. If you’re not satisfied with Lumen5 anymore and want to cancel your account, you can do that anytime. And don’t worry about the videos you created when canceling. Those videos are yours to keep forever.



Some SEO consultants may say that video content is the future. It’s easier for the audience to see content in a video than read the whole article, especially when there’s not much time for it. Videos are more engaging and sometimes remembered longer than read articles. That is also a reason we see more and more brands and businesses creating video content for their online presence.

Lumen5 is a tool that offers quite a lot, but like any other platform, it all comes down to the exact user’s needs and knowing if it’ll be the right platform to use. Nevertheless, Lumen5 helps you work more efficiently by giving you a great video base to start with but won’t do all the work for you. And from there you can be as much creative as you wish.

If you’re not sure whether Lumen5 is the right choice for you we suggest you try it for free. This way you can experience the platform and its features. After all, it will come down to the essential features, skill capability of employees, and company size. It’ll be a good idea to go through some Lumen5 reviews online, explore other video creating platforms, and just do research for yourself. This way you can subscribe to the platform that delivers exactly what your company requires.

We definitely suggest you trying Lumen5 and give us feedback on how your video creation went!


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