Complete Review of ShareASale

Complete Review of ShareASale

Evidently, there is no denying the expansion of e-commerce and as it is showing no signs of slowing down, online sales are at an all-time high. Taking advantage of this growth, more and more affiliate marketing networks (groups of associated companies that offer compatible products and share leads with each other) are appearing.


A renowned name in the affiliate marketing circuit, ShareASale has certainly managed to remain in the spotlight.

After having been in business for more than 17 years, it is currently one of the largest working affiliate marketing networks.

By constantly making use of website checkers, working on and improving their website performance, ShareASale has managed to stay on top of the game, ensuring both merchants’ and affiliates’ happiness.

So, let’s take a good look at how ShareASale works!


How Does ShareASale Work?

According to a large number of reviews, ShareASale‘s customer service is top-notch, a clear indication of their reliability.

But, what is the process one has to follow in order to enjoy these services?

Firstly, you sign up for their affiliate or merchant program via their website,

Secondly, as an affiliate, once you have been sent the relevant welcome package, you will be able to place the HTML links and banners on your sites.

Finally, you will start earning commissions for your referrals, easy as pie!


Why Does ShareASale Stand Out?

There are a series of aspects worth pointing out when comparing ShareASale with other affiliate marketing networks. Examples of these are:

  • The variety of options among its programs.
  • The smooth experience offered to its users.
  • The collection of reporting features that allow its users to keep track of their work.
  • The great tracking features that enable users to make a note of clicks and sales as they happen.

Next up, take a look at the process to follow when signing up for ShareASale!


Signing Up

With certain affiliate networks, signing up is not an easy feat.

Following is a real example of how the process of signing up as an affiliate works with ShareASale:

#1 Firstly, you have to choose your username and disclose the country you live in:

Signing up ShareASale 1


#2 Secondly, the next step to take is to fill out the information on your primary affiliate website:

Signing up ShareASale 2
Signing up ShareASale 3
Source: ShareASale


#3 The next step to take is to enter your full e-mail address:

Signing up ShareASale 4

#4 After introducing your e-mail address, you must provide full contact details. At this point it is important to include who your affiliate checks must be paid to:

Signing up ShareASale 5
Signing up ShareASale 6

#5 Filling out your payment information is the next step, as can be seen in this picture:

Signing up ShareASale 7


#6 The final step to take when setting up your account is to accept the provided terms and conditions and the confirmation e-mail:

Signing up ShareASale 8

After your account has been approved (which will take a maximum of two days) you are able to make use of it.

All in all, setting up your ShareASale account should take no longer than 15 minutes, not too bad if you ask me!


What Types of Brands can be Promoted on ShareASale?

An aspect of ShareASale that particularly stands out is its ability to find merchants that may not be the perfect fit for bigger networks, but are ideal for more modest affiliate marketers.

ShareASale itself has never been known for its love of “big brand” affiliate networks, and this is incredibly convenient when working with small and medium enterprises.

ShareASale Branding

ShareASale‘s main accomplishment has been managing to procure small site owners that work incredibly hard to promote their products and services.

Notwithstanding, ShareASale has been known to promote several recognizable brand names, such as Qatar Airways and California Wine Club.


How to be successful on ShareASale

Affiliate marketing is an efficient way of making money online, and there are certainly some recommendations worth following when doing so.

ShareASale Advice

Here is a list of some of the best advice to follow when using ShareASale:

  • Create an attractive profile page for your affiliate site.
  • Find dependable advertisers and products or services to promote.
  • Take advantage of the promotional tools ShareASale offers to boost your page.
  • Use your data to improve your affiliate strategy.


Pros of Using ShareASale

A series of positive features stood out when researching ShareASale. Here is an overview of them:

1. Costless and Simple Sign Up

As has been proven in this review, signing up for the affiliate program at ShareASale is as simple as can be.

Within minutes, you can create your free account as an affiliate of the site. Once your application is approved, you may then begin setting up your page.

One thing ShareASale has made sure of the simplicity with which its new publishers are able to create their accounts.

2. Perfect for Affiliates with Multiple Websites

ShareASale is the ideal site for affiliate marketers who own several websites and are looking to monetize them all.

The network itself makes it incredibly straightforward for these website owners to apply to different programs.

In the long run, this allows you (the website owner) to input all of your sites, listing them in order of importance. What this means is that you will not have to create a different account for each merchant program you apply for.

After having applied just once, all of your websites will be active for that program!

3. Cooperative Customer Service

The area most of the popular affiliate marketing networks fall short in is their customer service.

In this case, the customer service offered by ShareASale is outstanding. Moreover, the network prides itself on excellent customer support for not only the merchants but the affiliates, as well.

New affiliates receive a welcome kit that helps with their journey into affiliate marketing. They are also given the opportunity to watch training webinars to work on their skills.

Aside from the “frequently asked questions” section the website provides, you may also contact them by phone or e-mail from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central Time.


Cons of Using ShareASale

Even the best websites can present certain glitches. Here are examples of those that can be seen on ShareASale:

1. No Payouts Through PayPal

Despite the fact that they used to make use of PayPal, ShareASale no longer does so.

This is disappointing, as PayPal is used and relied on by so many people nowadays.

The main reason ShareASale no longer uses PayPal is the fact that some merchants on the page sell products that are not permitted to be sold via PayPal (“high risk” products).

As a result, affiliates are not allowed to be paid commissions for referring sales to these “high risk” products.

2. Shut-down Notifications

One of the main issues with this website is the lack of notifications it provides when merchant’s programs are shut down. 

An example of this problem is when there are a lack of funds and a merchant’s program is shut down, the affiliates themselves are not informed of said closure. 

Due to this, out of the blue, your affiliate links (and the earnings that go with them) may abruptly come to a halt.

You will be none the wiser, as you were not informed and no notifications were sent out.

3. High Payout Threshold and Threat of Account Deletion

For affiliates, ShareASale‘s payout threshold is $50. What this means is that affiliates will have to wait until their commissions reach or go beyond $50 so as to receive their money.

Compared to other affiliate marketing networks, this is pretty high and may leave the newer affiliates feeling dissatisfied.

Furthermore, if you are unable to reach the $50 threshold, ShareASale will debit your account $25, and you may be at risk of account deletion if it falls below $25.

Of course, this would tend to be a problem for newer affiliates, as the larger affiliate marketers would not concern themselves with this.



What has been described above is a brief synopsis of the services ShareASale as a network offer their users.

Taking into account all of the aspects mentioned in this review, the general feeling is undeniably a positive one.

After having worked for so long on its network, the workers at ShareASale really have made a name for themselves. The site has been incredibly successful in the world of affiliate marketing.

Not only is the marketing network easy to use, but there are also many programs to choose from.

What this leads us to believe is that this affiliate networking page is recognized, effective, and attractive to new affiliates.

Despite the few and far-fetched disadvantages, the page certainly stands out as one of the top affiliate marketing networks currently available.

Feel free to try out ShareASale and give us some feedback on how your affiliate marketing journey went!

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