Complete Review of TemplateMonster

Complete Review of TemplateMonster

This article will discuss TemplateMonster, a digital marketplace where you can find digital products for sale. You can find high-quality digital products that will help you build and customize your website or create any other digital project.

TemplateMonster is dedicated to providing the best possible products and quality; because of this, they have their own quality assurance and customer support team.

They have been in operation for over 18 years. To stay in business for so long, they constantly kept up with their customers changing tastes and new trends of their digital products.

Nowadays, you can find over 90,000 of the best templates, plugins, and graphics on this website. In this article, I will discuss the greatest features of TemplateMonster.


TemplateMonster’s Pricing

TemplateMonster offers individual purchases for anyone who only needs just some of their products. But for those that need to work with a larger amount of the products offered, there are monthly plans available:

TemplateMonster Subscription Price

Creative Subscription

Their Creative plan covers all Graphic & Design and Video & Audio assets, as well as Presentation templates. This is their cheapest plan offered, with its cost being only $82/year.

There are over 49,000 graphic assets available on TemplateMonster; most of them are found in these categories:

  • Logo Templates
  • Corporate Identity
  • Illustrations
  • Icon Sets
  • Vectors

On top of the category list in Graphics, you can find Logo Templates and Corporate Identity. These are the largest two categories. Together they contain close to 23,600 templates, almost half of all of the graphic products available.

In both categories, you can find bundles of different templates; these are by far the best selling products. If you search for the best selling Logo Templates, you will find that the current highest sale record holder is “200 TYPOGRAPHY LOGOS BUNDLE” by AgataCreate, with 164 sales.

It is a collection of clean, minimalistic, and simple designs. They are mainly for businesses that are currently looking to make their logos for their business.

TemplateMonster Logo Bestseller

If you are more in need of designs in another branding prospect, making your corporate identity, for example, you again have an abundance of templates to choose from. This category’s bestselling theme is also a bundle; it is a Proposal Template Bundle by ContestDesign, with 67 sales.

With this bundle, you get access to 12 project proposals. All come with the possibility of one-click color customization, multiple handmade color variations, and used free font and image link.

TemplateMonster Corporate Identity Template

Apart from just Graphic & Design assets, the Creative monthly plan offers Presentation templates for those that want to take their presentation projects to the next level.

You can easily create new, creative, and modern presentations with the help of these templates. The bestseller in the Presentation category is an Infographic Pack by DigitCase, with over 960 sales.

TemplateMonster PowerPoint

For those that want more than what the Creative plan can offer, there is a more expensive subscription, but it comes with access to all of TemplateMonster’s assets.


ALL-IN-ONE Subscription

If you want to get unlimited access to more than 70800 items worth over $500,000 together, this is the plan for you. For just $179/year, you can get the ALL-IN-ONE, or better known as TemplateMonster ONE Membership.

TemplateMonster ONE

The marketplace also offers the same items with unlimited lifetime access; this plan is called ALL-IN-ONE Infinity, for a one-time fee of just 599$.

Both of these subscriptions include:

  • WordPress and CMS Themes
  • E-commerce Themes
  • Plugins Included
  • Graphic & Design assets
  • Presentation templates
  • Video & Audio Assets

TemplateMonster became most known for its WordPress Themes; the website has over 950 of them. To make the search for the theme you want easier, you can choose from topics, such as Business & Services, Design & Photography, Home & Family, etcetera.

After choosing your ideal topic, you can also determine what tags, features your theme should have and what it should be compatible with.

Once you decided on these criteria, you can sort the ones that fit them four different ways: Newest, Most Popular, Trending, and Undiscovered.

Most Popular Themes

Both in Most Popular and Trending sorting, the top is Monstroid2 by ZEMEZ. It is a multipurpose WordPress theme for smooth performance that includes about 500 ready-to-use sections.

TemplateMonster One WordPress Theme

Monstroid’s Second Generation provides its users with:

  • High-class plugins
  • Sophisticated designs
  • User-friendly Wizard
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Flexible customization
  • Frequent updates
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Caring support team

This multipurpose theme is a perfect choice for those that want to build a professional website, as the theme has more than 300 pre-built page templates that are all SEO-optimized. Search engine optimization is vital, as it makes sure that you improve website rank on the search result pages.

If you are interested in Business & Services, which is the topic with the highest amount of templates, you can easily find something that will fit your needs. In this topic, the top 3 most popular include themes made by ZEMEZ.

We can find among the three most popular both Monstroid and Monstroid2, as well as Imperion, which is another multipurpose WordPress theme. This theme is dedicated to varied companies and enterprises.

Template Monster WordPress Themes

It is a neat and stylish choice that comes with access to creative templates. Imperion offers ten ready-to-use website templates with diverse pages you can choose from.

Among its ten pre-made templates, you can find Imperion Blog, a responsive theme with blogpost tiles layout, news ticker, newsletter subscription, social sharing, and showcasing for videos. It is a great choice for companies that wish to provide their clients with interesting new articles and posts.

Among the other templates in Imperion, there is Imperion Shop, which is an easy way to start a stylish e-commerce website. It has shop pages with the product’s layout, compare buttons, and you can add several filters, such as price, formats, or wishlist.

The Imperion theme also comes with a bonus of high-quality free stock images that are dedicated to the topic of business and services. And as it was made by the same studio, it also includes some of the most popular plugins on the website.

TemplateMonster One Jet Plugins

Most Popular Plugins

Plugins add specific features to your site; you can find one for almost anything you want to add to your webpage. The top three favorite WordPress Plugins of TemplateMonster ONE users are JET Elements, JET Tricks, and JET Menu.

Template Monster ONE Plugins

All of these plugins come with the possibility of trying it out before you buy them, with TemplateMonster‘s LIVE DEMO option. They offer this demonstration for most of their products, ensuring that no one will purchase something they do not want.

JET Elements has anything you might need to start your e-commerce; it also includes a large variety of modules, which can be useful for anyone who is building their own website.

These modules contain numerous styling options, functional settings, and customizable elements, such as custom fonts, gradient backgrounds, or even animation effects. The plugin has pre-designed templates of homepages and pre-made blocks that can be easily added to your website. 

JET Tricks is an addon that helps you add visual effects to web pages using animated tricks and stylish effects. This plugin allows its users to add sticky elements, create unfolded columns effect, add hotspot makers and create a “View More” button.

JET Menu is a simple and intuitive plugin that allows you to add Elementor modules to menu items. Among its great features are diverse colors, customizable backgrounds, or even badges for your menus, which lets you help visitors navigate your website easier with hot, new, or trending badges.

Anything you create with JET Menu will look perfect and be fully responsive on mobile, tablet, or desktop. The mobile-friendliness of a website should be an important factor for anyone building one, as it is essential for SEO.

In order to improve website performance and rank on search engine result pages, you need to watch out for a number of factors. To know exactly what you should concentrate on improving on your website, you need to gather information. For this, you can use a free website checker that helps you with conducting a website analysis.


TemplateMonster Customer Reviews

Many of us run into small problems when trying something new; it might happen if you start using something you bought at TemplateMonster. Many companies are hard to get through if you require some help after your purchase; however, that is not the case with this company.

TemplateMonster is proud of its in-house customer support representatives, who help you with anything you need. In their TrustPilot reviews, you can read about the amazing support team they have and how they were quick in reliable whenever someone needed help.

Template monster review

Out of the over 4,000 reviewers, 94% gave them the highest possible score on TrustPilot. This shows that most people who choose to buy from this online marketplace are happy with their purchase and the support they have got afterward.


Final Thoughts on TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster and its TemplateMonster ONE subscription offer great products at fair prices. They make sure that if you start a project that requires digital products, it won’t be a costly task. As their reviews show, most of their customers easily find what they are looking for and are happy with their purchase.

Their WordPress templates are what made the website known and are still their most popular products. They have many different designs for any type of topic your website might be focused on.

The themes are simple and easy to use; there is no coding needed while designing them to your liking. To ensure that the templates offered are up to date and fashionable, there is an always renewing library of them. I hope that this review showed what you can get out of using TemplateMonster.


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