Createstudio review

Createstudio review

Product Name: CreateStudio
Creator: Vidello Limited
Price: $47 – $67
Launch Period: 12th – 17th May 2020

I once delivered a finished video I was working on to a client a few years ago. It took me over 12 hours to export because I did not have enough PC power to export the video fast.

My client called me up,

“Hello, Michael. How are you doing, I saw the video, it was okay I guess but I think it’s boring to watch?”

😮 Wait What?

Boring to watch? What the hell does that even mean?

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That was the first time I ever heard a video can be boring to watch.

And the reason it came to this was because, I dreaded spending hours creating fancy kinetic texts, lower thirds and all that cool effect to make the video visually engaging.

If you use Adobe softwares such as Premiere Pro CC and After Effects, you probably agree with me how painstaking it is to create visually interesting videos.

First off, you need to have a strong PC so you can export smoothly (which I didn’t have at the time).

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Next, you need to drag those clips into the timeline and change them at least every 20 seconds so it doesn’t look boring.

Then, head over to After Effects to create some cool animations.

Import it to Premiere Pro, which then adds to the export duration and so on.

Trust me it is a pain in the neck.

But imagine merging the functionality of Premiere Pro and After Effects with the speedy export process.

That’s what you get when you use Createstudio.

In this CreateStudio review, I reveal the cool things you can do with this video editing software, the pros and cons, features, upsells, OTOs and my honest thoughts which answer why you shouldn’t or should get this software.

You can read through to the end or simply skip sections of this review article.


What is CreateStudio?

CreateStudio is a desktop video editing software compatible with Windows and Mac PCs just like Premiere Pro and After effects that lets you create visually engaging videos using cool templates, custom animations, and motion presets.

Editing and effects in one combo, isn’t that awesome? ğŸ˜Ž

Features of Createstudio

  • Turn any video into socially engaging square video.
  • Import SVG images and animate them with a few clicks.
  • Simple user interface
  • Customizable pre-designed social media posts & ads
  • Easily convert videos for mobile devices by making them square or vertical.


What you can do with CreateStudio?

With this versatile video software you can:

  • Create & export unlimited videos in any resolution even 4k!
  • Instantly resize any video for all platforms e.g YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Explainer videos with 2D & 3D characters
  • Lower third animations
  • Logo stings
  • YouTube content
  • Create kinetic text typography videos and more.
  • Easily animate anything with incredible 1-click animation presets.
  • Remove colors and edit green screen footage in just a click.
  • Make great social videos with animated emojis.
  • Create social videos like Tiktok, Instagram and Twitter
  • Sales & promo videos for product creators
  • Mobile stories for Instagram
  • Ecommerce ads for your Shopify or Woocommerce sites

You can create virtually any kind of video with this software without slow exportation.

createstudio review


Who can use Createstudio?

This was created with newbies in mind.

So if you’ve never edited a video before then the Createstudio software is a great start.

The good thing is you don’t have to watch long boring video editing tutorials.
You can figure this out on your own. Although the software also comes with a simple easy to follow tutorial (over 40 of them).

Trust me, you won’t be needing it.

It’s easy because it’s a simple drag and drop software and it saves you time working with complicated keyframes when trying to create effects as in the case of After Effects.



How much is CreateStudio?

From the Launch date, the price is $47 – $67 one time fee depending on the license you chose. But after the launch period which lasts about 5 days, ending on Sunday 17th of May 2020. The price will be $199 – $249.

That’s one hell of a hike if you ask me. 😮

So, I suggest you buy Createstudio software now.

CreateStudio Upsells and One Time Offers

When you purchase any license of CreateStudio you will be offered 3 One time offers.

  1. The All-Access Pass
  2. Pro media upgrade
  3. Agency License.

They are not required to make the software work but they have good features you might want to add to to your video creation arsenal but you can skip any if you chose.

OTO1: All-Access Pass (Templates, Characters & Assets) at $37 monthly

With this One Time Offer you get 500 pre-made templates, access to all assets, characters & templates and animated elements as well as 40 new characters & 100+ extra premium animation presets each month all for a monthly fee of $37.

What I Think About All Access Pass OTO

For a recurring fee of $37, I don’t think it’s a bad bargain. It means fresh templates each month instead of getting stuck with the ones that come with the front-end alone.

OTO2: Pro Media Upgrade at $67 – $97

With this Upsell comes millions of images, videos & audio with direct integration with Royalty-free images websites like Unsplash, Pixabay & Giphy as well as hundreds of audio tracks. Other features include;

– Pixabay integration (1 click import)
– Unsplash integration (1 click import)
– Audio Library
– Custom created pro-Sound effects library
– Text-to-speech creator

What I Think About Pro Media Upgrade

It’s another good one if you ask me. You can’t get enough of tools that make your videos pop. I would probably get this instead if I wanted to skip the recurring cost of the All-access pass OTO plus I love the Text-to-speech creator.

quality content


OTO3: Agency License at $127 – $197

The agency upgrade includes licenses for 5 other members of your team who will be using CreateStudio. It also comes with Agency marketing material.

What I Think About Agency License

Do you have a team you work with to create videos? If not and you are just a one-man army simply skip this offer you won’t be needing it. The All-Access Pass and Pro Media Upgrade are sufficient enough.

So, if you have made up your mind which is best for you, hit the button below to get instant access to CreateStudio.


CreateStudio Bonuses

Here are some cool bonuses you get when you purchase CreateStudio. These bonuses belong to the vendors. Just a heads up to what you should expect.

createstudio review bonus createstudio reviews bonuses createstudio reviews bonus createstudio review bonuses


My Free Awesome Bonuses

When you get Createstudio using my link, I will give you access to download these amazing bonuses 100% free. But it isn’t gonna last forever, It’s only available for a limited time:

[wpcdt-countdown id=”3430″]


Final Verdict

If I would get this software for any reason, it would probably be because I can export videos in 4k easily and I can add effects like I do when using After Effects.

The powerful merge of these features is mouth-watering but you probably wouldn’t know what if feels like if you haven’t used any other video editing software before because like I said it can be a pain in the a**.

Then comes the pricing which when compared to other software like the Adobe products is usually billed monthly. I can get CreateStudio for less and it is a one-time price.

That to me is a way better deal.


I would have loved for it to be cloud-based.

Installing another video editing software on my laptop might slow it down but considering what I can do with Createstudio, I might sacrifice other software for it.

So, do I recommend CreateStudio? Yes, I do.

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CreateStudio FAQs

These are frequently asked questions you may wanna ask about Createstudio

What is CreateStudio?
CreateStudio is a desktop video editing software.

Can I access it anywhere online?
No, because it is a desktop software, so it has to be installed on the PC you will be using

Can a newbie use the software?
Yes, anyone without prior knowledge of video editing can use this software

Is it expensive?
Not quite, the one time fee is between $47-$67, when compared to similar editing software like Adobe premiere pro, this is a bargain.

Can I create square videos for mobile?
Most certainly, it has a feature that permits export in square format for mobile videos.

Is it a 2d cartoon animation software?
No it isn’t, but it can be used to create some 2d and 3d looking animations that are already within the software.

Do I need to get the OTOs to make it work?
No, you don’t need to because they are standalone features that can be added only if you want to.

How do I purchase CreateStudio and get your free bonuses?
Buy using this link and after placing your order(s) send an email to info(a) with your receipt and I will send a link with the password to download all your bonuses.


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