Extempore Review

extempore review

Product Name: Extempore
Creator: Saurabh Bhatnagar & Karthik Ramani
Price: $27 – $37
Launch Period: 1st – 5th May 2020

The first time I saw the name Extempore – I kinda struggled to pronounce it properly. Is it extempor or extempori?

Anyway, it really doesn’t matter because, in this review, I am going to reveal everything you need to know about this simple cool app which works seamlessly on your IOS or Android smartphone device and saves you time, embarrassment 😂, and hours of video editing trying to cut out your mistakes.

But before I continue, I suggest you watch this video to learn how to start a youtube channel with your mobile device. If you intend to use this for your Youtube videos.


What is Extempore?

You will agree with me, shooting a video and talking seamlessly without errors is very challenging and a big pain in the a**.

Imagine taking all those clips to your video editor and spend hours cutting out every single error.

The Extempore content version app saves you all that stress because it is a mobile app with a teleprompter feature.

Did your jaw just drop? Mine did too. 😮

Extempore is a mobile app that lets you record videos while simultaneously reading your script on the screen without glitches.

Extempore review
Yap, just like that

So you have no need to memorize your lines. Just read the screen and your video recording is not interrupted in any way.

Features of Extempore Content Version

  • Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Personal Teleprompter
  • Incredibly Easy To Setup and Use!
  • 100% Newbie Friendly (No Technical Savvy Required).
  • Saves Tons of Hours of Editing – Know EXACTLY What To Say Without Any Mishaps.
  • Create Pro-Quality Videos On Demand
  • Export Your Videos to High Definition!
  • Upload To YouTube Seamlessly
  • Share On Popular Social Networks
  • Everything Is Saved To Your Smartphone – No Need To Purchase Any Further Equipment.

How it works – Extempore Video Demo




Who is the creator of Extempore?

Saurabh Bhatnagar & Karthik Ramani are the creators of the extempore app and they sure deserve 2 chilled bottles of whiskey for this cool app.

extempore content version review
That’s Karthik, don’t ask me where his partner is

They belong to the Top 5% of Jvzoo top sellers with over 22,000 sales since joining the platform about 7years ago. Plus they have earned the premium Jvzoo seller status which means their products are most likely top-notch.


Extempore Testimonials – What people have to say

These are what customers have to say about this product;

Extempore Content version review



Who is Extempore content version for?

I don’t think there is a class of persons who wouldn’t find Extempore useful🤔

Youtubers, affiliate marketers, content creators, influencers, young bloods looking to grow their following on Tiktok 😎 and just about everyone who wants to create captivating videos seamlessly without the need to memorize scripts or lines can use this app.

How much is Extempore?

Extempore commercial costs between $27-$37, not on the high side for such an amazing app, you’ll agree.

Extempore Content version review

On this plan, you will have access to:

  • Maximum video length: 10 minutes
  • Unlimited takes
  • Pro-Quality Videos
  • 25 Stories
  • Download video or share on Whats-app/Social Networks
  • Vertical(Portrait) /Horizontal(Landscape) Video Recording
  • Full HD Video Export
  • 1 License for Web
  • Trim your videos
  • 1 License for Andriod / IOS (Iphone & Ipad)
  • Unrestricted File size
  • Direct Youtube Upload
  • Auto-Stop recording at story’s end
  • Resize text
  • Override script scroll/scroll up, down while recording live
  • Control Marquee Speed
  • Auto-scroll text while recording
  • Instagram friendly square videos
  • Record with front or rear Camera
  • Embed videos with urls
  • Words per minute speed control
  • Silent Mode while recording

Extempore Upsells and OTOs

After purchasing the commercial version on the front end. You will be given the option to grab a couple of one time offers (3 actually) which are not required to make it work.

You can skip them if you chose, but I suggest you take a look at them as they have some extra features you might find interesting.


OTO1: The Extempore Pro at $67

  • Take videos up to a maximum length of 20 minutes
  • Unlimited takes
  • 50 stories
  • Create Pro-Quality Videos
  • Share on Whats-app, Social Networks Or Download the file
  • Vertical(Portrait) /Horizontal(Landscape) Video Recording
  • Full HD Video Export
  • 1 License for Web
  • 1 License for Andriod/ IOS
  • Advanced Editing features
  • Add Lower thirds and Captions
  • Add BG Music
  • Brand your videos with your logo
  • Faster Rendering time
  • Direct Youtube Upload Integration
  • Auto Stop Recording Once the story is Over
  • Text Size can be adjusted based on the Preferences
  • Override the script scroll and scroll up or down during an actual take
  • Text Marquee Speed
  • Auto text running while recording
  • Make Square Videos for Instagram
  • Choose Both Front & Rear Camera
  • Make videos like a Pro for your Social Media
  • Export Video to a webhook URL Used for Third-Party Integrations
  • Customize the speed of words per minute as per your talking speed
  • Silent Mode- Put your phone on Silent Mode while recording
  • Adjust Teleprompter Speed

What I think about this OTO – Extempore Pro

Truth is, I will personally go for this version mainly because of the length of time I am permitted to record with, ability to add Lower thirds and captions, and shoot Green Screen Videos is a major plus for me.

In case you are probably interested in the Pro version instead. Let me save you the hassle.

Here is the link to download the PRO version.

You can skip the front end and get this OTO instead. So, you don’t have to purchase the commercial version if you don’t really need it.


OTO 2: Extempore Agency at $97

Okay, for this one time offer for an extra 30 bucks you get everything in the Pro but the only addition is the ability to Manage up to 25 clients.

With your Agency license, you can create and assign stories to your clients. Your clients can edit stories & record multiple takes. If you own a pro copy of Extempore, your clients can also do all the advanced editing.

extempore reviews



What I think about this OTO – Extempore Agency

I don’t think it’s necessary. Unless you are dealing with clients who might need this service, I suggest you stick with the Pro version still.


OTO 3: Reseller starts at $247

Now, this is much better, this is the resell rights of the Extempore app. You can get this package starting from $247 for access to 50 accounts and $397 for access to 100 accounts.

With this package you can:

  • Sell Extempore – Content Version commercial and keep 100% profits
  • Sell Extempore – Content Version pro and agency at 50% commissions.

You can choose between 50 accounts or 100 accounts.

You get access to create Extempore Commercial accounts for your customers and sell them. You also get to keep 100% of the profits you get by selling the Extempore Commercial license and 50% on the Pro Version & Agency version if you choose to promote their online sales funnel.

You will get an account login to manage everything for your customers and clients.


What I think about Reseller One time offer

If you are an internet marketer looking forward to launching your own product someday. This might be a great investment or if you simply want to get ROI on whatever you plan on spending now.

My only problem with it is, you can only sell 50 – 100 copies. That sucks in a way but it’s still a bargain.

And to be eligible to hold a resellers license you will need to be a current user of the commercial version and/or pro version. Only after purchasing that, will you be eligible to purchase the Resellers’ offer.


What you can do with Extempore

extempore review

My Extempore Free Bonus

These are my free bonuses you will receive immediately you place an order with any of my links on this page.


Money-back Guarantee

extempore review

Extempore Final Verdict – My Honest Thoughts

This is a good teleprompter app, if you probably forget your lines all the time (like I do) and have to look in your script every 30 seconds.

With Extempore, you save hours of video editing and also the dreaded jumpcuts which appear like glitches in videos and which most Youtubers allow so much. Yuck! 🤮.

Plus I love the option to add lower thirds and embed videos with URLs all on my mobile device.


Let me remind you that this is a mobile app, which means you can only work with your smartphone. So to use the teleprompter feature, your video has to be recorded with your smartphone.

extempore reviews

This is not so helpful if you intend to use professional gear in your video recordings like a DSLR camera for instance which most YouTubers use. It is only perfect for run and gun mobile recording.

Unless you can find a way to keep it close to your camera and read from there (which I find rather daunting).

But then this is not restricted to Youtubers.

Users of social media apps like Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can use this seamlessly as they do not really require many heavy-duty terminator-looking badass cameras for their square videos.

Get Extempore Commercial 
Get Extempore Pro version



Frequently Asked Questions about Extempore

These are some of the questions you might wanna ask about the mobile app.

Can I use it as a teleprompter when shooting with my DSLR camera?
Nope, you can’t as it is only efficient when recording videos on your smartphone.

Does my script appear on the final video after recording?
No, the script you read from is only visible to you. Anyone watching your finished video or live video can only see what you are recording with your smartphone’s camera.

Can I resell the Extempore to my friends and co-workers?
Only if you have access to the commercial or pro version and the resell rights version. You can only sell 50 – 100 copies depending on the Reseller rights option you selected.

How do I purchase this app and get your free bonuses?
Below are the different versions and links to them.

Extempore Commercial version
Extempore Pro version 

After making your purchase, you will find a button below your Jvzoo account which says ACCESS BONUS BY MICHAEL MARTINS. Click and you will be taken to the download page where you can insert the password you can also find in your Jvzoo account. Contact me if you have any problems.



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