Synthesys Review

Synthesys review

Product Name: Synthesys
Creator: Mario Brown et al
Price: $67 -$97
Launch Date: July 20th 2020 @ 11 AM EST

Synthesys reminds me of this one time back in 2015 when I needed a voice-over for a sales video of a product I was creating titled Ultimate Love Potion (don’t laugh at the name).

It was about a dating product that consisted of a video, ebook, and audio that taught people how to get back with their ex and make someone love you. It was inspired by my ex who dumped me for some dude (God I hate that guy).

So the video of this product needed a voice-over which at the time I was definitely not in the best position to create. Videos…yeah that was easy because I used a tool called Powtoons. But the voice-over was lacking.

I headed over to Fiverr and contacted a few gig vendors and all I can remember was me closing the browser after I was told the outrageous costs I had to pay.

Anyway, I later found a free text to speech tool online called from text to speech, and with it, I was able to create a voice-over that sounded robotic but was kinda okay after I edited most part of the script, so it can sound a little more human.

Anyway, long story short I was able to get it done after about a week of constant tweaking. Here is the video.


Apparently, you can hear how pretty annoying it sounds with the robotic voice. I have not used this tool since then and never will. People need to know I am human but technology has advanced since then and now we have this new software called Synthesys.

In the table of contents of this Synthesys review article, you can always skip to different sections.


What Is Synthesys?

Synthesys (a cool name by the way) is a text-to-speech web-based software for converting any script or text to voice-overs that sound a lot more human than you might think.

synthesys review

With this tool, you can create professional voice overs for your Youtube videos (if you are like me with a terrible voice and speech impediment), podcasts, presentation, information products (like my ultimate love potion), and much more.

Features Of Synthesys

  • Dataset of voice recordings from real-life voice actors.
  • Sound editing feature if you want to create podcasts and audiobooks.
  • Male and female human-like voices each with their own unique personality.
  • Multiple rendering threads for bigger scripts.
  • Ability to set specific words to be pronounced in a specific way.

Here is a video I created of some voices you can create using this software.


There is really nothing more annoying than voice-overs that sound robotic (just like the first video at the beginning of this article). That is the reason, Synthesys was created using professional voice-over artists.


How It Works

It’s actually quite simple and works in 3 easy steps

  1. Pick a voice, gender, and tone.
  2. Copy and paste your script or type it in the software.
  3. Render and share the voice-over on any platform.

synthesys review

Synthesys Demo Video

Here is a video walk-through of the software and how easy it is to create voice-overs and for the record, the voice-over used in this video was created with…I guess you already know by now…Synthesys.


Synthesys Comparison

To be honest, there are lots of free text-to-speech tools out there and just a couple of weeks ago I went over to a Warrior forum to ask for a couple of options and this is the list I was given.

But the 2 popular platforms are Google Wavenet and Amazon Polly and I am going to compare them to Synthesys to hear how they perform.


Synthesys apparently rocks better.


Synthesys Real User Testimonials

There are quite a number of people who have used this product and have some positive things to say about it including some industry gurus.

synthesys review testimonial


Who Is Synthesys For?

Anyone looking to create a podcast, create a video, or create just about any form of voice-over will most likely find it useful in most cases.

  • Affiliate marketers who wish to create Youtube video reviews.
  • A vendor who is trying to create video sales letters for his product.
  • Info creators looking to create an audio version of a PDF product.
  • Professionals in any field trying to create a presentation for their business.
  • Anyone looking to create voice-over gigs on Fiverr and other freelance websites.

Who Is The Creator Of Synthesys?

Of course, real humans are behind the creation of Synthesys. It was created by Mario Brown with Oliver Goodwin working on the backend, they are both partners for this product.

mario brown synthesys


Mario Brown, being the frontman here has a record of over 40 products in the past 8 years which have converted to over 80,000 sales. He was a Jvzoo top performer last year 2019 and he also belongs to the top 1% sellers category on Jvzoo with very low refund rates.

synthesys reviews

With these stats, you can tell his products are solution providers and Synthesys is no exception.


How Much Is Synthesys?

Synthesys price starts off at $67 one-time for the Lite or personal version which includes

synthesys review bonus


And the commercial version is priced at $97 one time, which comes with

synthesys review


Synthesys Upsells And One Time Offers

These versions of Synthesys listed above are only seen at the frontend, but after purchase, you will be presented with a couple of optional upgrades which are OTOs, an acronym for one time offers (meaning you might not see the products again).

So to prep your mind so you don’t miss out on any. Here is a list of them…


OTO 1 is the Synthesys pro version

This comes with a couple of extra features.

synthesys review pro version

This OTO will be switched to a pay-per-use basis after the launch period. For now, it will be available for a low one-time price.


OTO 2 is the Synthesys DFY Boost Pack.


OTO 3 is the Synthesys Business 350K.

With this OTO you get access to unlimited credits to start your own Synthesys voice-over agency. It comes in 3 versions silver, gold, and platinum.

synthesys review oto 3

This upsell is for serious buyers who are looking to establish an agency business around voice-over in Fiverr or in other platforms. You can take advantage of the huge discount, commercial license, and maximize your profits. This offer is limited during the launch days and will be taken down after the launch.


OTO 4 – 3 Popular Fully Animated Video Builders.

With this OTO, you get 3 popular fully animated video software for the price of one. You can create commercial, agency, or animated videos and use Synthesys to put voices over them.

My Honest Opinion of Synthesys

I’ve had some experience in trying to record a voice-over and I know how much pain in the butt it can be. Especially when you don’t have a great mic to record with.

I use a snowball sometimes and I got this pain in the ass, background noise sucking lav mic called the purple panda on Amazon and I truly consider them my number one stress upgrade.

synthesys review
Synthesys alternative – Blue snowball

Using Synthesys cuts through the need to head over to Amazon looking for a great mic which by the way costs at least $100 for the Blue snowball and more for the Yeti.

  • Synthesys cuts through a lot of uhms and errms you will definitely say while recording.
  • It cuts through the hassle of paying a professional voice-over actor on Fiverr who could charge you nothing less than $100 for a 2-3 minutes script.
  • It cuts through accent barriers especially if you are not from an English speaking country and probably have a weird accent.

synthesys review

But, there are a few issues I am not so cool with.

1. The Actual Cost

The pricing is not entirely a one time fee. Yes, it seems like it is but that is just the price to use the platform. There is an extra cost and this comes in the use of credits. You pay for credits to be able to use Synthesys.

1 credit = 1 letter.

So when you purchase any of the versions, a certain number of credits are allocated to you and when it is exhausted you would need to buy more to continue using the app.

For instance, when you buy…say the lite version you get 10,000 credits to use. So if your script or texts are more than 10,000 letters you will need to purchase more.

If you are going to be a heavy user, I would definitely suggest you consider getting the 3rd OTO, Synthesys business for unlimited credits.


2. Only English Language

Secondly, it is only meant for English speakers. So if you probably speak another language and would like to have Synthesys create a voice-over, it will not work. Your only option would be to convert your script to English to have it work properly.


3. No Figures

Lastly, you cannot use figures. You will need to type in the spelling of any figure you want for it to be pronounced in the software. For instance, if somewhere in your script says 6 books. Synthesys will not be able to pronounce the number 6. You will need to type the actual spelling, six books.

I think this sucks because it eats up the credits I have (if it’s limited). So, it means if I wanted to type in 17 dogs I would need to write seventeen dogs, which means I spend 13 credits on what could have only cost about 6 credits.


In all, if you are looking to provide voice over services, create videos for Youtube that most likely won’t show your face, create a sales video, and do just about anything regarding a voice-over project then Synthesys is definitely for you.

Do I recommend it? Yes, I do. It’s way better than using those really annoying robotic voices. I would most likely be using it for my tutorials on teachable and probably some Youtube review videos.

Synthesys Fast Action Bonuses

When you purchase any version of Synthesys you get access to these fast action bonuses compiled by Mario brown and his team.

synthesys review bonus synthesys review bonus synthesys review bonus synthesys review bonus synthesys review bonus


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