Traffic Cloud Review

Traffic cloud review

Product Name: Traffic Cloud
Creator: Vikram FireLaunchers
Price: $27 – $37.
Launch Period: 2nd – 9th May 2020

Try not to get blown away when you hear the word Traffic cloud. My first impression was it is probably a software that drives traffic or something.

Nope, the truth is Traffic cloud is actually nothing of that sort. In this review, I reveal everything you need to know about Traffic cloud and what it really does plus my free massive bonuses at the end.

And if you would like to learn 10 ways to go viral on social media. Here is a video that might interest you.


What is Traffic Cloud?

It is a web-based software with a huge collection of visual assets which include over 4 Billion viral images, 1000+ viral quotes, and over 20,000 GIFs. Don’t worry they are searchable so you don’t have to go through each image one by one.

traffic cloud review

The good thing about this software is it not only provides these images, but it also embeds your links in them making them clickable.

So, a user can simply click on the image and is redirected to any offer, post, or page you are trying to pull traffic to.

You can also create and schedule your post on 6 different social media sites – Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Imgur & Blogger and get access to insights so you know which campaigns have the most engagement.


Features of Traffic cloud

Here are some of the features of traffic cloud.

traffic cloud review


How it works – Traffic cloud demo video


Traffic cloud bonus Traffic cloud bonuses Traffic cloud review Traffic cloud reviews


Here is a video walkthrough of how Trafficcloud works


Who is the creator of Traffic Cloud?

Or maybe I could say who ARE the creators of Traffic cloud. Well that’s because they go by the name Vikram Firelaunchers.

So they are probably a group of buddies who launch products (ignore the firelaunchers name – they launch only products not fires). But who cares really?

What matters is, they are top vendors on Jvzoo and have made over 28,000 sales on previously launched products. With their low refund rates, they have worked their way up to being among the top 10% making them premium Jvzoo sellers.

traffic cloud reviews

So, does this mean traffic cloud is probably a good product? Yes it does.


Who is traffic cloud for?

Affiliate marketers, social media influencers, product vendors, or if you are simply looking forward to growing your social media accounts or driving traffic to your offer, then traffic cloud is for you.

Viral posts are kinda hard to find and create, but with over 4 billion searchable visual assets right here for you, that could save you tons of time and energy.

traffic cloud review and bonus

traffic cloud

traffic cloud reviews and bonuses

Traffic Cloud Testimonials

These are some of what people have to say about Traffic Cloud




How much is Traffic Cloud

There are 2 licenses – the personal and the Agency licenses which go for $27 and $37 respectively.

Both have the following features:

  • 2 Billion+ Searchable Images
  • 20K+ Searchable GIFs
  • Viral Post Creator to create/edit unlimited posts
  • Make all your posts clickable via embedding links
  • 1-Click Instant sharing on Red-Hot Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest
  • Schedule posts to share anytime in the future
  • Detailed analytics reports providing the exact number of likes & comments you receive
  • Advanced Automation using Keywords

The only difference is, with the Agency License you get the right to use it for clients as well.


Coupon Code

Coupon code “TRAFFIC$2OFF” gives $2 Discount for first 24hours at the time of launch of Traffic Cloud.



Traffic Cloud Upsells and OTOs

You are most likely gonna come across 2 one time offers after purchasing Traffic cloud from the Front end. These Upsells or OTOs have more features that might interest you.

So don’t panic if you don’t find a link to access the software immediately after purchase. These OTOs are actually not required to get access to Traffic cloud. You can always skip them if you do not like any.

One Time Offer #1

The Traffic Cloud Pro which goes for $37 and $47 
This is the first One-time offer you will find after purchasing Traffic cloud at the front end. It also has the personal ($37) and agency ($47) licenses. But comes with more features which include:

  • 2 Billion+ Additional Searchable Images
  • 1200+ Searchable Viral Quotes
  • 1-Click Instant sharing on 3 Additional Social Platforms – Tumblr, Imgur & Blogger
  • Advanced Automation using Keywords
  • And so much more

traffic cloud review

PLUS 7 fast action bonuses

  • WooCommerce Membership Secrets
  • Simple Social Expandable
  • Social Media Automation
  • Social Media Manager 2.0
  • Periscope For Entrepreneurs
  • Social Messaging Apps For Marketers Video Upgrade
  • Peak Productivity Video Upgrade

Do I recommend this first One-time offer?

Well only if you need more visual assets in the Traffic cloud library and if the bonuses are something you would like to have in your arsenal. Other than that, simply skip to the next one.
Now let me give you a little secret, if you are interested in this one time offer, scroll to the bottom and click on any link that declines this offer and you will be taken to the same offer but at a lower price.
So instead of paying $37 or $47, you get to pay $31.95 or 41.95 for the personal or Agency license (Tell no one 🤫).

One Time Offer #2

The Traffic Cloud Resell Rights which goes for $97 
Now, this is the offer I would suggest you grab. With this Upsell you have the full right to resell the software and keep 100% of the profits. So all you need to do is redesign the cover, rename, and relaunch as your own product and you are good to go.
traffic cloud review bonus
This also comes with fast action bonuses.
  • Turbo Dynamic URL
  • Shopify Traffic
  • Keyword Research Ninja 2.0
  • Sales Funnel Optimization Strategies Video Upgrade
  • Backlinks Analyzer Softwares
  • Modern Niche Marketing Video Upgrades
  • Under Cover Make Money Methods Softwares

Also another secret passageway…

Simply decline this offer if you are interested in it and you will be taken to the down-sell version which has a $10 discount and costs $87 instead. Thank me later.

Do I recommend the second One-time offer?

Yes I do. It is a good bargain and you might not find it again. It gives you the chance to get ROI from this software, so yeah. I highly recommend it.


My Free Bonuses

I have special bonuses of my own which will be of super help when you purchase traffic cloud using my link and it will also help in other areas of your online business.

But let me warn you, it is not gonna stay forever. It is only gonna be here for a limited time.

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How to make money from traffic cloud

  1. Resell the software
    If you would like to make some money from this software then I would suggest you get the resell rights, repackage the software and relaunch it as your own product. Keep 100% of the profit.
  2.  Create a Fiverr Gig
    You could create a Fiverr gig managing social media accounts. All you have to do is schedule a couple of images, Gifs, or quotes to be posted on a client’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Imgur or Blogger account automatically.
  3. Affiliate Marketing
    Remember this software embeds links into the images. What this means is you can, insert you Clickbank or Jvzoo link into any image and drive social media traffic to any offer you want to promote. Easy Peasy.


My Final Verdict and Honest Review

This is a good product. I love the fact that it is web-based, I love the idea of so so so many visual assets which I can use to drive traffic from social media.

The concept of embedding links to the viral images is a good one, so it makes it easy for anyone to click through to any site, page, or offer I am trying to promote.

And I love the scheduling image creation capabilities and real-time campaign reports.


Why in God’s name is Facebook of all traffic sources exempted from the list of social media sites traffic cloud can post to? I mean I would have jumped so hard on this if it had that feature.

You would agree with me that Facebook is a huge source of traffic and running a Facebook page or group can be a pain in the neck especially if you do not have the time to post daily.

Traffic cloud would have been a real savior, but alas it only drives traffic from Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Imgur & Blogger.

Don’t get me wrong, Twitter and Pinterest are great traffic sources (especially Pinterest in this case) but I truly wish Facebook and maybe Instagram were included.

But if this works for you and you are fine with these social media sites. Then by all means get this product.

Besides, you can still make use of the visual assets like the images, quotes, GIFs (which are over 4 BILLION in case you forgot) for your posts on Facebook pages. The only hitch is you have to post manually on Facebook.



Traffic Cloud FAQs

Just in case you still have a couple of questions or you simply skipped to this section to learn everything once and for all, below is a list of frequently asked questions about Traffic cloud.

What is Traffic Cloud?
Traffic cloud is a web-based software that consists of over 4 billion images, 20k+ gifs, and over 1000 viral quotes. It also lets you embed your link in every image shared, schedule posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Imgur & Blogger, and provides detailed analytics of your shared campaigns.

Does it share on Facebook automatically?
No, Facebook is not included in the social media sites traffic cloud works with. However, you can still use the images in the library and manually post on Facebook.

Do I need to download Traffic cloud?
Nope, it is a web-based app, which means you can access it anywhere you are in the world.

What are the features of Traffic cloud?

  • 4 Billion+ Images & 20K+ Gifs with post creator to create ultra-engaging posts that get clicks
  • 1200+ searchable viral quotes to create compelling posts in minutes
  • Make your posts click-able by embedding links into them and drive traffic directly to your offers/site
  • From right inside dashboard, share unlimited post instantly across social networks or schedule to share later
  • Get detailed analytics of shared campaigns to get a clear picture of what’s getting results.

How much does it cost to gain access?
You can gain access to the software’s personal license for $37 and $47 for the Agency rights.

Does it have any one-time offers?
Yes there are 2 One time offers. The Traffic Cloud Pro which goes for $37 and $47 (depending on the License) and The Traffic Cloud Resell Rights which goes for $97.

Do you suggest I get any of the OTOs?
Yes, the reseller rights is a good offer.

Can I make money using this software?
Yes, you can. Simply create a Fiverr gig to manage a client’s social media account on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Imgur & Blogger or you can promote affiliate links with the link embed feature. But best of all you can resell the software if you get the resell rights to it.

How do I get access to Traffic cloud and your free bonuses too?
Simply hit this link and you will be taken to the sales page of traffic cloud. Make your purchase and on your Jvzoo receipt page you will find a green button beneath which says
Access your bonus from Michael Martins


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