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vidtoon review

Vidtoon might be the answer if you are like me who is (was) extremely shy about putting my face before the camera. In this review, I show you how this software creates 2d animated videos without the need of buying expensive software like toonboom and watching boring video tutorials.

With billions of viewers worldwide, Youtube is a huge platform and second-best search engine after Google. This makes video a powerful tool for getting leads and boosting your business 🀯.

vidtoon cindy donovan

So it’s only wise you get a piece of the traffic cake by using a software that makes it easy with a couple of clicks and drag and drops.

In this post, I review the Vidtoon software. What it is, what it does, the features, pros and cons and much more.

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What Is Vidtoon?

Vidtoon is a downloadable desktop application software for creating 2d animated videos. It works on both Windows and Mac. What it basically does is create cartoon-like videos by animating 2d characters already created within the software.

vidtoon review

It consists of

  • 25 High Definition scalable characters with 30 animations per character.
  • 34 High Definition backgrounds to place your characters and animate them.
  • 200 Music Tracks which are royalty-free.
  • Free or Realistic Google TTS Text to Speech. But also allows you to record and import your own voice overs.
  • Works in any language.
  • You can use it in any niche.
  • Over 200 Sales Graphic elements.
  • Cool and simple to use transitions and Effects.

Depending on the license you choose. Vidtoon can be installed on up to 10 computers.

vidtoon review

Who Is The Creator Of Vidtoon?

Vidtoon was created by Cindy Donovan, a JVzoo internet marketer who joined in 2015 and 5 years down the line she has made huge success with over 40,500 product sales to her name, excluding her affiliate sales which rounds off to about 13,500, making her a premium JVzoo vendor and affiliate.

I like her smile πŸ˜‰

Some of her products include Hammock suite deluxe, Traffic ivy ultimate access, Socijam system, Viral loop, Sticky post and many more.

Refund rates for her products are pretty low at 7.62% when you take to account the number of sales she’s had.

What this means (which you just might not give a damn about) is, her products are top notch and are worth whatever you spend on it.

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How Vidtoon Software Works

Like I said it is a desktop software and what this means is, you will need to download the application to your computer and install it on either your Windows or Mac pc.

Here is a video demo on how it works.

Is Vidtoon Newbie-friendly?

Vidtoon is a simple software for 2d animation. Your 10-year-old can create videos using its simple interface.

vidtoon review

Have you tried using Adobe character animator for your 2d animations?

It’s cool and all but it is a big pain in the neck. It took me 5 hours to create a character in Photoshop to animate on the software (although that is partly because I am not a cartoon artist).

Using Vidtoon’s drag and drop feature can get a good video done in less than an hour.

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How Much Does It Cost?

There are 2 licenses – the personal and the commercial license. Depending on what your intentions are, you can get either. But before you make that decision, here are the features of both:

PERSONAL LICENSE – $19.97 (one-time)

  • 10 HD characters with 10 animations per character.
  • 34 HD backgrounds.
  • 10 Music Tracks
  • Free or Realistic Google TTS Text 2 Speech
  • Works in any language or niche
  • Record or import your own voice over.
  • Transitions and Effects
  • Flip objects
  • Zero video conversion costs and no monthly costs
  • Flip or move objects from A to B.
  • Can install on 1 computer

vidtoon review

COMMERCIAL LICENSE – $27 (one-time)

  • 25 HD characters with 30 animations per character.
  • 34 HD backgrounds.
  • 200 Music Tracks.
  • Free or Realistic Google TTS Text 2 Speech.
  • Works in any language or niche
  • Record or import your own voice over.
  • + 200 Sales Graphic element.
  • Transitions and Effects
  • Flip or move objects from A to B.
  • Zero video conversion costs and no monthly costs.
  • Can install on up to 10 computers

Whichever license you chose is fine. But, I would rather pay an extra $7 to get the commercial license which gives me more features. Just saying πŸ€”.

And just in case you missed it, these prices are ONE TIME, there is no monthly plan to gain access to Vidtoon. The only thing to keep in mind is THE PRICE INCREASES GRADUALLY TO $47.00 over a period of 14 days.

So you might wanna get this software ASAP.

Vidtoon Upsells and OTOs?

There are 4 One Time Offers you should be prepared to bump into after purchasing the product on the front end. These Upsells are not required for the software to work in any way. They are just cool addons you might wanna check out.

vidtoon oto
OTO 1: VidToon Pro + Reseller $67

Although it’s kinda limited, I like this one because it means I can relaunch it as my product 😎.

  • +100 Animated Characters. (Male – Female)
  • +2,000 Music Tracks.
  • 15k+ Vector Graphics + icons
  • Your Each Client Will Have Access To Features Of VidToon.
  • 250 Account License With Our Sales Material For Best Conversions.
  • Create Accounts for your Clients Using your Own Dashboard in 1 Click.
  • We’ll Handle Support Of Your All Clients.

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OTO 2: VidToon Job Finder Software $47 (one time)

VidToon Job Finder software allows users to find top paying clients to sell 2D videos, or any other service the customer is selling or use Fiverr to establish an arbitrage business where customers can get high paying client and outsource the work.

  • Get unlimited paying clients from 5 different world wide Job websites.
  • Use Job Finder to Reseller 2D videos and also promote any of your other services: Logo design, web…
  • Use the platform to do arbitrage using Fiverr or any other microjob website.

OTO 3: VidToon Job Finder Reseller $67

  • Each Client Will Have Access To Features Of JobFinder.
  • 250 Account License With Our Sales Material For Best Conversions.
  • Create Accounts for your Clients Using your Own Dashboard in 1 Click.
  • We’ll Handle Support Of Your All Clients.
  • One Time Investment On Untapped New Technology.

OTO 4: VidToon Software Source Code $497
For advanced users, this one time offer gives you the Unity source code for VidToon to customize and sell. Cool huh?

I don’t even know what the hell a unity code is πŸ˜„

How To Make Money With Vidtoon

Personally, I would start a gig on Fiverr and make some money off it to cover my investment and gain more cash in my bank.

Also it would be a good idea to pitch it to local businesses who want to have animated videos online to promote their businesses.

There are endless possibilities especially when there is a software that ranks videos fast. Yea, you read that right. Check out my review on DFY Suite 2.0 Software. A software for syndicating videos and articles for fast SERP ranking.

Final Verdict

I love videos, as a matter of fact, I learnt all I know now watching videos on Youtube. I am also a video editor and shoot videos as well in my spare time plus I am learning 2d animation using Adobe character animator. A bit advanced but I love it.

But I know you don’t care about the story of my life. I just needed to point this out because I am speaking from some level of experience.

Vidtoon is a good software, at least for the price. It is simple and easy to use and I kinda like the animations for each character. You can pick any of them and make something nice for your sales page or Youtube channel.


Personally, I am not so sure I like the idea of a desktop software in 2020. We live in an age where software are hosted on the cloud and I love the convenience of having access to a software like this wherever I go.

Secondly, I feel cartoons with emotions like eyebrows arcing and good lip sync is what makes 2d animation look really animated. Vidtoons lack these features.

Plus the timeline is a bit clogged up and does not give the option of having multiple layers to enable smooth workflow.

But for the price, I really should not expect so much plus the animations for each character ain’t so bad.

Watch my Vidtoon review Youtube video

Thanks for reading till the end, hope I did not bore the hell out of you. I would really like to hear from you guys, so I know I am not writing to myself. If you have any questions or products you would like me to review, do leave a comment below, I respond faster than superman. Cheers 😎.

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