Viral Traffic Boost Review

Viral Traffic boost review

Product Name: Viral Traffic Boost
Creator: Omar & Melinda Martin
Price : $17 or $37 one time.

Traffic is by far the most important thing in ANY online business. I love free traffic and I jump on any, I mean any plugin or app that can make that possible.

Luckily I just found out Viral Traffic Boost WordPress plugin is one of them if not one in a million.

In this post, I review the Viral Traffic Boost. Stick to the end because I also have a good number of Free bonuses for you.

What is Viral Traffic Boost?

Viral Traffic Boost is a simple, easy to use WordPress Plugin that drives social media traffic when someone shares your banner from your website to a Facebook wall.

It then adds the user to your email list automatically and redirects to your lead magnet or offer. Basically it replaces the need for optin forms. Cool huh? 😎

Viral traffic boost review

How it works?

So, let’s talk about how this plugin works.

Like I said, this is a WordPress plugin. So the first thing, you want to do is install the plugin in your WordPress dashboard, head over to the settings and input your license key.

2. Next, you can choose to integrate any email marketing platform of your choice. For now, you only have the option to connect Getresponse, Mailchimp, Aweber, Sendlane or Sendy. More will be added soon.

If you do not use any email marketing platform for creating your list yet. I highly recommend Getresponse. Sign up here to get your first 30 days absolutely free.
Thank me later

3. You will also want to add the API key and the secret key under the Facebook settings Tab. There is a tutorial that shows you how to do this in the plugin settings.

Viral Traffic boost review demo

4. Now you are ready to start creating your campaigns, hit the ADD NEW CAMPAIGN. The part highlighted in the image below is where your previously created campaigns will appear.

Viral Traffic boost review

5. On the next page is the share button maker page where you simply start creating the design for your magic button. You can change the color, font, button style, share button and redirect link.

viral traffic boost bonuses

Not to worry they are basic CSS settings and only require button drags and selection to your preference. Nothing you can’t handle.

6. The next tab is the part where you add the message to be shared. Whatever you place here is what appears on the Facebook post. The cool thing is you can redirect it to any other link you want. It doesn’t have to be the origin of the banner.viral traffic boost

7.  Next is the banner maker tab where you design the banner that displays on top of the site that you send visitors to when they click the magic button.

Viral traffic boost

8. Finally, you can add the button by copying the shortcode to any part of your website you want the banner displayed and shared from.

viral traffic boost bonuses

Viral Traffic Boost demo

Before now, you needed to purchase Softwares like Thriveleads, Clickfunnels, to create optin forms to grab email addresses. But now with a click of a magic button you not only build your list but you also drive traffic from Facebook instantly.

Viral Traffic boost review

Viral Traffic Boost review

Who is the creator of Viral Traffic Boost?

The plugin was created by Omar & Melinda Martin. They are known as the Internet Marketing Power Couple. This husband and wife team have been online marketers since 2007. Their company, Higher Level Strategies Inc. develops software, tools, and training for online businesses and newbies. They have a good track record with over 38,000 sales as product vendors and over 26,000 in affiliate sales.

Viral Traffic boost review

Viral Traffic Boost Testimonial

The Martins have been working on this plugin for over 2 years. Making over 100 versions of it before finally getting it just right. It was then shown to 2 popular affiliates (John Thornhill & Dave Nicholson) to see if they’d try it out.

Within 24 hours this is what John had to say…

“Holy Sh*t! Thing is converting like crazy! We have crossed 500 subscribers and its picking up pace! $1900 in sales within the first 24hrs alone! You have created an awesome plugin!”

So it’s a fact, Viral Traffic Boost works.

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Who is Viral Traffic Boost For?

  • Affiliate Marketers
    Who want to build their email list fast using the power of social media without spending thousands on Facebook ads.
  • Local Marketing/Agency?
    You can easily create these for gyms, restaurants, salons, bars, hotels, car dealerships, events, service-based business and any local business that wish to grow their list virally.
  • Product Vendor?
    With Viral Traffic Boost you can create attention-grabbing exit pop-ups that attract more prospects and add more leads even before making a sale.

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Viral Traffic Boost Bonus Training

Watch this video presentation as Omar explains the difference between a traditional lead funnel and a Viral Traffic Boost campaign. This is will help you understand the process.

How much is Viral Traffic boost?

There are 2 options to gain access to the plugin

Basic Member
$17 only for One-time payment

  • Latest Viral Traffic boost WordPress plugin with shortcut tutorial PDFs.
  • SINGLE site license.
  • 12 months updates & Basic support.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Viral Traffic Boost Review

Pro Member
$37 only One time payment

  • Latest Viral Traffic Boost WordPress plugin with shortcut tutorial PDFs.
  • License Keys For THREE SITES.
  • 10 Campaigns Done For You!
  • 12 months updates & PRO Support.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

viral traffic boost review bonuses

After the launch, one time pricing turns into monthly recurring.

Viral Traffic Boost review

Viral Traffic Boost Upsell

There is just one Upsell attached to the Front end and that is the commercial license for Viral Traffic Boost which costs $99

With the Commercial License you Can Install Viral Traffic Boost On As Many As 100 WEBSITES To Create Multiple Income Streams!

viral traffic boost pricing

You also gain permission To use Viral Traffic Boost to Create Traffic For Your Clients Students and Customers and access to 25 Unique Products (WITH PLR RIGHTS).

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Viral Traffic Boost Bonuses

This is what you get when you purchase the viral traffic boost.

viral traffic boost review bonus

My Free Massive Bonuses

Okay that is not all, I will be giving out 50 more bonuses in addition to the bonuses above. But they will be live for a limited time ONLY.

[wpcdt-countdown id=”2897″]

Money-Back Guarantee

Viral Traffic Boost has been tested vigorously and I can confidently say that the product is working extremely well.
However, If you have any issues or simply change your mind within 30 days you will receive a prompt refund.


My Viral traffic boost video review

Before you buy, check out my video review of Viral traffic boost, I basically say the same thing here but in video instead.

My Final Verdict

I highly recommend this software and I personally think this plugin is genius.

I love the way it automatically adds an email to my list straight from Facebook without the need to type in the words and simultaneously shares the banners for more social media traffic.

Talk about killing 2 birds with a stone.

I suggest you get viral traffic boost plugin while the one-time payment is still active or you might miss out on it and will have to pay monthly recurring instead.

Viral Traffic Boost review

Viral Traffic Boost Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Viral Traffic Boost really?
It is a WordPress plugin that builds your email list by leveraging the power of Facebook posts. The plugin adds leads to your list the moment they share and they are redirected to any page you want.

What are the main features of Viral Traffic Boost?
1. Design a banner and button with a few clicks with colors that match your website.
2. Drive traffic to your site from banner shares on Facebook walls.
3. It automatically adds leads to your autoresponder on any email marketing platform you use such as Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp, Sendlane and Sendy.
4. It is accessible on all devices whether you are on a Windows, Mac, Apple or Android

How does Viral Traffic Boost work?
When your visitor clicks the button called the magic button. Facebook asks them if they want to share your banner. When they click YES the plugin puts your post on their wall…

…but THEN, The plugin pulls your visitors VERIFIED name and email from Facebook and adds it to your subscriber list.

This happens with no opt-in required. No forms to fill out at all.

What can I do with Viral traffic boost?

  • Add subscribers to your lists.
  • Share your pages on social media.
  • Delivers the lead magnets for you.
  • Promote any offer page you want.
  • Drive traffic to your squeeze page.
  • All with NO opt-in required. EVER.

Does Viral Traffic Boost Work On Windows and Mac?
As Viral Traffic Boost is Cloud-based, you can run it on any device you have, it doesn’t matter if it’s desktop, mobile or on the iPad. It will work exactly the same because it is a WordPress plugin.

How Much Will Viral Traffic Boost Cost After The Launch Is Over?
The price will be double of what you see today, plus a monthly rolling subscription on top. Now is your only chance to get in for a low one time fee.

Is there Training Included?
Yes, there are step by step training videos, and pdf documentation to make sure you are up and running fast. This will cover everything you need to know to crush it with Viral Traffic Boost in no time at all!

Is There A Limit On The Number Of Magic Buttons & Campaigns I Can Create?
There are no limits on the number of buttons or campaigns you can install PER SITE. However, you get 3 site licenses for the basic and pro option. The commercial license gives you a lot more tools and flexibility.

Are There Any Monthly Or Ongoing Fees To Use The Plugin?
Right now for a limited time, you can get in for just a one time fee during the launch special which ends on Sunday May 3rd 2020. Once the launch is over, the price will double and go up as a monthly subscription, so it’s important you get in at the one time fee while you still can.

Does Viral Traffic Boost really work?
Yes it works, I have tried and tested it, you can watch my video on how I used it.

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