PR Rage Review

pr rage review

Today, we are going to talk about a domain software called PR Rage. But before we do, I wanna share a story with you.

At some point in my life, I used to be a very big enthusiast of domaining. I would register just about any domain I thought would sell for a massive profit.

The reason for this fanaticism was because I was and still a member of a couple of domain forums that release daily sales of domains that make my jaw drop each time I see domains sold for 100 – 10,000 times the initial price of a tiny investment.

Pr rage review
Source: Namepros

I read up a bit and decided to try my luck on a couple of domains, I found on a site which released expired domains, only for other domainers to tell me they were crap domains and I would never sell them for a good profit.

That hurt, but I kept on with it, registering more crappy domains.

There was this other time I learned the art of registering an expired domain name which I could rent out.

The technique was simple. Register an expired domain name with good domain authority and page rank. Create an article and let it rank. Monetize it by searching for clients who would pay a couple of dollars to have their services posted as a page on the site using a plugin that would overlay a website on another.

Well, I quickly registered a domain name about hair loss because I targeted doctors – are they called doctors? I think they are called dermatologists. Well, you wouldn’t blame me, I had not a single idea about what I was doing. I simply followed some tutorials and here I was writing a very long article to rank on my awesome expired domain name.

One tiny bit of information, I was not told was that, when you register an expired domain after it’s been deleted, everything wipes off. The domain authority, the page rank, everything.

So you are literally starting over like you registered a new domain name. That sucks, doesn’t it?

Well, I gave up on the idea of domaining although I tried to find a better way to get good domains and an underground forum suggested I check out the services of some dude whose main skill was to pick awesome high quality expired domain names.

We chatted over Skype and I had to ask him the price so I know what to expect and he told me price ranges from $300 – $1000 per domain name.

pr rage review

Now, unless you an experienced domainer or internet marketer, you might probably find this price a little steep. So, is there an option? Yes and that is what this article is all about. But before we dive in. I’d like for you to watch this video by Franklin Hatchett as he talks about how to make money flipping domains.

What Is PR Rage?

PR Rage is a web-based software for researching and purchasing high-quality domain names which can be flipped for profit. Although it’s not one for finding expired domain names specifically. It has powerful features that enable your research of valuable domains by the age, number of backlinks, traffic, valuation, and social signals.

Launches In…

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PR Rage Features

In addition to it’s super easy to use user interface, PR Rage comes with a couple of features that save you time and money when it comes to finding valuable domain names.

  1. Godaddy Integration:
    With this feature, PR Rage helps you get into the massive archive of Godaddy’s domain marketplace to help you dig out valuable domain names, thereby saving you tons of time that would be required to filter through all the domains in the world’s largest domain database.
  2. Domain information:
    This is the main feature of this software. It not only finds valuable domains according to the age, extension and backlinks. It also helps with the valuation which saves you time and money you would pay to have an appraisal. Plus you get info on the level of traffic that domain gets before you invest a cent.
  3. Purchase options:
    If you would like to filter by buy now, make an offer, bid, offer with buy now. This functionality is enabled within the dashboard.
  4. Reservation:
    So, let’s say you found these amazing domain names and you are not quite ready to buy it. Well, PR Rage helps reserve the domains, reducing the chances of losing them.

How It Works

It works in 3 simple steps;

  1. Enter Any Keyword and See The High Value Results
  2. Generate And Collect Your New Profitable Domains
  3. Make Massive Profits By Renting These Out Or Selling Them

PR Rage Demo Video

To learn more on how it works. Check out this demo by the creator Walt Bayliss, as he explains in depth how you can find valuable domains with PR Rage.

What Others Say About PR Rage

Here are a couple of other users of the software and what they have to say.

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PR Rage review

Who Is PR Rage For?

PR Rage works for anyone looking to get in the internet marketing space whether as a newbie, affiliate marketer, experienced guru, or just if you intend to create a gig on Fiverr to sell this as a service. PR Rage definitely comes in handy.

PR Rage Pricing

To gain access to PR Rage you would need to pay a monthly price of $47 if you miss out on the launch price. Right now, PR Rage costs $47 one time price which might change after the launch period.

When you gain access to the product, there are a couple of upsells and one time offers you might want to consider adding to your domain arsenal.

  1. OTO 1 – 6 Figure Domain Academy
    This costs $67 and it is a loaded pack of tutorials regarding everything you need to know about succeeding in the domain name business.
  2. OTO 2 – Content Rage 
    With this one time offer you get access to a load of content for the domains you purchase and this costs $67 also.
  3. OTO 3 – Agency Rights 
    And last but not least is the agency rights to use and sell PR Rage and keep all the profit.

My Honest Thoughts

See a domain as a piece of real estate in a game of monopoly.

A smarter move to make in order to win the game would be to secure high valued properties. But achieving that would be like finding a diamond in a haystack.

This is a domain scraping web app and if you are an internet marketer of any kind, you should know that getting a domain name is the very first thing you would need when trying to set up an online business and getting a brand new domain and building it from the bottom is a lot more work than simply using a tool like PR Rage to speed up the process.

So as an online marketer using a tool such as PR Rage is a smart move.

There are several creative ways you can take advantage of a valuable domain name.

  • You could flip it for a quick profit.
  • You could set numerous powerful domains as an archive of backlinks which could help boost the SEO ranking of your ready-made website.
  • You could create a website and have it rank in no time
  • You could rank and rent just like I tried to do in my early years of domaining.

So, do I think getting a tool like PR Rage is a smart move? Yes, plus it is a one-time price so I suggest you take advantage of that.

PR Rage Bonuses

A couple of bonuses come with PR Rage if you order today.


Watch the video version of everything I have written in this article. Thanks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly Is PR Rage?

It is a web based domain scraping software that helps in your research for valuable domain names that can be flipped for profit.

Do I need any tech skills to use it?

It is an easy to use software, anyone can use with a couple of clicks.

Who is the creator of PR Rage?

A domainer and successful JVZoo vendor who goes by the name Walt Bayliss created PR Rage.

Can I make money with PR Rage?

Yes, you can if and only if you take advantage of the valuable domains you dig out using the software. You can quickly flip a $10 domain name for 100 times profit. Also there are a series of webinars to help guide you in your domaining business after purchase, so you are never left hanging.

How much does it cost to use PR Rage?

It costs a monthly fee of $47 to gain access.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, if for any reason you feel PR Rage was a total waste of time, it is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee.

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